Insane Canadian Law to Stop Online Hate Is Going Through Parliament

( – Elon Musk is highlighting a new Canadian bill making its way through the Canadian Parliament that would add “insane” penalties for individuals who post offensive content online.

Musk was so concerned he tagged Community Notes, the new X function that approves users to act as fact-checkers in a distributed network on the platform. The note added let users know that the bill is still being debated, but didn’t seem to critique Musk’s appraisal of how it would impact speech online.

The bill dramatically increases the penalties for “hate speech” online without actually defining the term. This suggests that anyone with a complaint about content on the internet could report the offensive content in question and begin a legal challenge against the poster. The bill also has no start date, meaning suddenly all posts on the internet will now be scrutinized, even if they were made before the law was approved.

The penalties are stiff: upwards of $50,000 could be awarded to the complainer who made the report, adding a perverse financial incentive to making false-allegations of “hate speech” over spicy content. Refusal to comply with the orders increases the penalties.

The bill also creates a new crime, “hate speech” and it carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. Anything you posted when you were 16 years old, or any drunk post you’ve ever sent will suddenly now become potential evidence to have you locked up in Canada.

The bill also creates thought crimes and a new organization to enforce penalties called the Digital Safety Commission. The DSC would hold the power to keep you locked up and take away your access to technology if it believes you “are likely” to post more “hate speech” online. They can also order you to wear an ankle monitor and force you to stay home. If they believe drugs or alcohol are involved in your naughty posts, then they can require regular urine tests.

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