Influential Evangelical Leader In Iowa Endorses DeSantis

( – President and CEO of the FAMiLY Leader (lower-case ‘i’ as in the official name) Bob Vander Plaats announced his official endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the Republican nomination for President. His endorsements in 2008, 2012, and 2016 all won. The announcement of his support for Ron DeSantis came during Fox News’ “Special Report” with Bret Baier.

Platts said he was “thrilled” to support DeSantis and pointed out there was no “red wave” as predicted in 2022 outside of Iowa and Florida. He also implied former President Donald Trump can’t win in 2024.

Plaats congratulated DeSantis on turning the state red despite it being purple when he took office. He called him a “bold courageous leader.” Plaats said that he’s gone to church with DeSantis and his family and they’ve visited constituents around the state at their places of work or private residences.

DeSantis convinced Plaats by suggesting they required a two-term president who could finish what he begins and incorporate “the best and brightest” talent to run agencies and fill cabinet positions. Plaats suggested DeSantis “has the spine” to be President and cited his experience as governor as evidence to support his argument.

The Trump campaign alleged that the endorsement was purchased by DeSantis, which Plaats vehemently denied. He said that his endorsement hasn’t and would never be available for purchase. It simply wasn’t the case, and Trump should know better, Plaats said. He suggested that 2024 was the most important election ever and it was very important to choose the best candidate.

He also suggested the only candidates in the primary were Trump and DeSantis and suggested the others drop out already.

Plaats’ endorsement followed weeks after Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds broke with tradition to similarly endorse DeSantis’ bid for the Republican nomination. It was the first time in over thirty years that the governor of Iowa has made an endorsement.

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