Immigrant Charged After Allegedly Shooting Two Sisters

( – An illegal immigrant was charged with the double homicide in the slaying of two sisters in their home just outside of Dallas, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Jose Santiago Chairez, 50, is being held on a $2 million bond with an immigration hold due to his illegal status. In other words, he can’t be released due to his status as an illegal immigrant. Chairez stands accused of double homicide as well as shooting his daughter, she was non-fatally injured in her arm. Police have yet to release details as to what the motive was.

Officers discovered the bodies of Merced Andrade Bailon, 43, and Catalina Valdez Andrade, 47, on November 24th around 4:20 a.m. The sisters had been shot in the head according to the police report. Chairez’s daughter was also discovered in the home with a gunshot wound to her arm. She reported that her father had shot them and he was arrested later that day.

The investigation is continuing leaving police tight-lipped about the details. Some items were redacted from the police report.

A GoFundMe was set up by one of the daughters of one of the victims to help pay for funeral expenses. The page said the women were “best friends and beautiful individuals” who prioritized family and were loved by them.

It’s unclear when Chairez crossed the border, but illegal border crossings continue at record levels along with a shocking rise in crime across the nation.

A man from Honduras was charged with murder after the body of another man was discovered in a vehicle in Nashville that had been purposely set on fire. Kevin Castro-Garcia has been deported twice before and is suspected of involvement with Sur 13, a criminal cartel, according to ICE. He’ll stand trial for murder in Tennessee.

Another illegal immigrant from Brazil was busted in August in Rye, New Hampshire. The unnamed 29-year-old ex-military officer was tried in absentia for a litany of crimes including the murder of 11 people, torture, as well as charges associated with the “Curio Massacre” of November 2015. He was sentenced to 275 years in prison by a June 2023 court proceeding in Brazil.

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