Illegal Alien Arrested For Aggravated Murder In Ohio, Was Previously Deported

( – A Mexican national accused of murder in Ohio has been deported from the US seven times previously, revealing a pattern of criminal behavior. Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, 46, was nailed with a slew of charges including aggravated murder, carrying a concealed weapon, obstruction, drug possession, and assault.

Garcia-Gutierrez was arrested by Hamilton cops for other crimes, with the police suggesting he committed the murder just two days prior to his arrest. Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit said they had picked him up for other crimes without knowing he was a murder suspect.

ICE has logged a detainer on him so he can’t be released into the general population without facing deportation proceedings. Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones pointed out that repeat offenders who come into the country illegally are huge drivers of crime.

Regarding their current suspect, Jones highlighted that he’s been arrested eleven times, under seven different names with three different dates of birth. He called the man a perfect example of how illegal immigrants are a threat to the public. Jones added that he’s personally witnessed over 1,000 illegal aliens being charged with crimes under President Joe Biden’s administration.

He shared a picture that revealed the eight different mugshots police had taken of the suspect over the years.

Jones also shared a poster depicting Biden, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Mexican President Obrador labeled with huge letters that read “Border Crisis.”

Jones additionally showed a poster that contained a still frame from a video of over a hundred illegal aliens swarming a border crossing in El Paso recently, destroying a fence, and rushing American soldiers. Many of those illegals were let go due to the judge in the case finding that the district attorney couldn’t process their individual bail hearings within the two day time required by law.

Texas has deployed over 700 National Guardsmen to El Paso, due to the number of criminal invaders attempting to illegally enter the country at the crossing.

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