IIlegal Warns Americans About Border Security

(ConservativeJournal.org) – An illegal immigrant from Turkey who crossed into the US from Mexico recently expressed surprise at how easy it was for him to enter the country. He said that anybody can cross the border without much hassle, including “psychopaths” or people who are “not normal”.

The interview was conducted by Bill Melugin from Fox News right at the border.

This migrant was part of a group of fellow Turks who, after being denied visas multiple times, eventually decided to cross illegally into the US. He explained how no border patrol checked his background, his documents, or any other form of ID. He also revealed that he paid $10,000 to Mexican cartels to help him enter the US and expressed deep concern about who else might be doing this. He acknowledged that Americans have valid reasons to worry about unvetted people crossing the border.

Just recently, many migrants from all across Central Asia, the Middle East, and China also crossed the border at the same location in California, right near San Diego. Chinese nationals, in particular, are coming to the US illegally in record numbers. The border patrol has arrested nearly 30,000 illegals trying to get in from China since October of last year.

Adding to the concerns at the US-Mexico border are reports of illegal migrants attempting to get inside of military bases in the US. Earlier this month, two citizens of Jordan posed as Amazon delivery drivers in a box truck and tried to enter the Marine Corps Base Quantico, which is one of the biggest US Marine bases in the country. The guards of the base were able to set up vehicle barriers and prevented them from getting inside.

Glenn Grothman, a Wisconsin Republican, recently said that countries like Russia, Iran, China, and middle eastern terrorist groups are actively attempting to gain access to US installations. He used the incident in Quantico as proof.

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