Hur Says Biden Is Cognitively Impaired

( – Special counsel Robert Hur gave testimony to Congress on Tuesday, March 12 regarding his investigation into Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents. Biden was slammed for possessing multiple caches of classified documents in various locations in early 2023. The documents were taken when Biden was a senator or vice president which differentiates his offenses from Trump’s. The President has wide authority to declassify content whereas Biden’s previous offices did not have that authority.

Rep. Russell Fry (R-SC), speaking with Newsmax on “The Record With Greta Van Susteren,” gave comments regarding his questioning of Hur on Capitol Hill. Fry said that Hur’s testimony confirmed that Biden took the documents knowing it was likely a crime and Biden is currently suffering from a severe mental decline.

Hur previously published his report into the documents case wherein he suggested that Biden had difficulty with his memory. Hur pointed out that during multiple sessions Biden repeatedly could not recall details like the years he was vice president (2011-2017) or the year his son, Beau Biden, died (2015). Hur ultimately recommended against prosecution due to Biden’s mental state, suggesting that conviction would be difficult due to the perception Biden is incompetent to stand trial.

Fry revealed that during the course of his testimony, Hur said that Biden had nine different tranches of documents. Fry said that Biden kept the documents for “gratuitous purposes,” including to be used in the production of his memoir. Biden was also slammed for sharing the content of those classified documents with his ghostwriter, who was not cleared to handle classified information.

Fry highlighted that Biden spent 36 years in the Senate and eight years as vice president, suggesting he should have been very well familiarized with the handling of classified info. He added that Biden’s staff had to produce a memo to remind him of the proper protocols for handling classified information.

Fry said he pushed Hur regarding the willfulness of Biden’s actions, saying that the only time it matters is when the acts were committed. Fry implied that Biden knew full well what he was doing at the time the alleged crimes were committed, meaning he’s fully culpable now, despite his nascent dementia.

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