Hamas Confirms It Received Support From Iran For Attacks

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(ConservativeJournal.org) – One of the oldest lessons in the history of human conflict appears to be playing out before our eyes, that of two diametrically opposed enemies joining hands in favor of tackling a bigger opponent. In the current manifestation of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” we see what seems to be extensive cooperation between the terrorist-designated group known as Hamas and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Their apparent combined hatred of all things Israeli has led the two groups to set aside their theological differences in pursuit of a common foe. Hamas is now officially confirming that its October 7 invasion of Southern Israel was at least partially funded by Iran.

The Iranian government has stopped short of acknowledging that they paid for the attacks, but many of the nation’s top officials are publicly praising the events. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei jumped on social media as soon as footage of the bloodshed hit the internet and said “God willing, the” Jewish state “will be eradicated” in the Palestinian uprising.

The Persian regime in Tehran has openly handed billions of dollars in funding to any number of terrorist groups in the world, Hamas included. The only question on the minds of many is to what extent they were involved in the recent incursion outside Gaza. Even if Gaza were not in play, the Iranians are the number one source of funds for another Islamic terrorist group to Israel’s north known as Hezbollah.

Within minutes of the attacks, pundits and legislators began asking if President Biden’s recent release of $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds was connected to the events in Israel. The Biden administration immediately denied the possibility and said the money that accompanied his prisoner exchange deal had not yet made its way into Iranian hands.

Among many others, President Trump warned that Biden’s unfreezing of the $6 billion would encourage future instances of terrorism and hostage taking.

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