Hamas Are Getting Their Hands On US Weapons

(ConservativeJournal.org) – In September of 2021, former President Donald Trump warned that the reported $85 billion in U.S. weapons and equipment that were left behind after America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan would end up in the hands of our nation’s enemies. Before the end of the first Biden administration, reports began circulating across mainstream outlets that appeared to vindicate the ex-Commander-in-Chief’s assertions.

According to a January report from NBC, American arms that originated in Afghanistan had made their way to both Pakistan and India. A Foreign Policy report that was released six months later officially designated the Taliban as international weapons dealers and said their U.S.-supplied booty was “turning up in” conflict zones “where terrorists” were engaging in combat “and killing” American “allies.”

On October 23, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives penned a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin asking him for a Defense Department briefing that covers how closely the DoD is monitoring American-made weapons. The GOP members were reportedly concerned about Hamas gaining access to said arms through potential suppliers in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer and Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green authored the piece and requested that Austin sit down with legislators and provide them with testimony on October 30. Our members have “seen reports that” suggest that American-manufactured “weapons are being” diverted “and resold” on the “secondary” market “to terrorist organizations” like “Hamas,” Greene and Comer wrote.

According to what one official in the Zelenskyy government said not long ago, Russia was actively providing Hamas with U.S. arms it had seized during combat in Ukraine. Others have suggested that Ukrainian corruption may be a more plausible explanation. To date, the Biden administration has given Ukraine almost $50 billion in military aid.

On October 23, a video was posted to Twitter purporting to show a Palestinian showing off a room-full of unused American and European grenade launchers and anti-tank missiles.

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