Half Of Americans Support Mass Deportations Of Illegal Immigrants

(ConservativeJournal.org) – According to a recent survey by The Harris Poll, almost half of Americans support the deportation of illegal immigrants en masse. Some of the most common reasons provided were worries about increasing taxes or criminal activity.

Since Biden became President, US Customs and Border Protection has documented more than 7 million unlawful crossings of the US-Mexico border. The number has significantly increased in the past year.

The Harris Poll survey showed that both Democrats and Republicans alike supported the idea of deporting a large number of immigrants. Two-thirds of American respondents see illegal immigration as a real problem affecting the general public rather than an overtly political discussion. The poll also highlighted that a large amount of people support ending the birthright citizenship law in the US.

Most of the respondents cited their concerns about increased crime rates, drugs, and violence in the US. Some citizens also voiced worries about terrorism, or brought up the additional expenses for taxpayers. One third of respondents in the survey fully blamed the Biden administration for the border problem.

Biden has famously criticised the former president Trump for how he handled the border situation. However, earlier this year, Trump dissuaded Republican members from endorsing a bipartisan border security plan. The bill aimed to allocate more funds for the border and strengthen enforcement. After negotiations, the Senate scrapped the bipartisan border deal, with Republicans arguing it simply was not good enough. Since the collapse of the deal, Biden hinted at using executive power to address migrant crossings. He has not issued an executive order to that effect yet.

During his campaign, Trump heavily criticized Biden’s border management and pledged to execute the biggest deportation of illegals in American history. The recent poll suggests that Trump’s view on illegal immigration may not be far from how most Americans feel on the subject as well.

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