Haley’s Campaign Compared To A ‘Slow Motion Car Wreck’

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Former Acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said the quiet part out loud during comments given to Newsmax on Tuesday, February 20. Whitaker suggested that Republicans need to think carefully about whether or not Nikki Haley is actually a Republican and not “a sleeper cell” within the party.

Whitaker was asked to discuss a speech given by the GOP contender shortly after she gave it. He highlighted how she mentioned a laundry list of reasons she believes she’ll somehow achieve the nomination. Polling has indicated that Haley trails Trump by 30 points (or more), including in South Carolina, her home state.

Whitaker also called Haley’s campaign “a kamikaze effort” and “a slow motion car wreck,” while pointing out she’s a useful foil for the Democratic party: attacking Trump from “the right,” while she’s not exactly aligned with conservative values.

Haley’s speech revealed a curious claim: that Trump’s public support is a mirage, with many Republicans secretly despising the man. It’s clear that Haley herself has antipathy toward Trump; she abruptly resigned from his administration in 2022 under nebulous circumstances. She’s attempted to maintain the narrative that she supports Trump while criticizing him, and that was a major theme of her 2021 memoir, “With All Due Respect.”

Haley’s major difference with Trump is that she sides with the establishment whenever a military conflict is in the wind. She almost always wants to fund or exacerbate the conflict which earned her criticism of being a lapdog for the war machine. She’s been an advocate for continued funding of both the Ukrainian and Israeli war efforts, for example. Joe Biden holds similar positions.

Haley suffered an embarrassing defeat during the Nevada primary on February 6. Haley lost to “none of these candidates,” suggesting Nevada voters rebuked her candidacy. “None” received almost double the number of votes for Haley. Nevada’s system is awkward as it hosted a primary vote and a caucus vote, the caucus was the only one that was counted for delegates due to internal state politics.

The next GOP primary in South Carolina will take place on Saturday, February 24.

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