Haley Says Trump Brings Chaos Everywhere He Goes

(ConservativeJournal.org) – GOP primary candidate Nikki Haley blamed Trump for “chaos” that seemingly follows him everywhere he goes during a town hall discussion on the evening of January 8th. She issued the comments in response to a question regarding her prior claim that she wouldn’t run if Trump was running.

Haley responded by saying that when she made the remarks, the circumstances were much different. She highlighted the “debacle in Afghanistan” as well as record inflation, both of which happened under President Joe Biden. She also blamed Trump for a weak showing during the 2022 midterm election cycle.

Haley elaborated that she called Trump when she made the decision to run for the GOP ticket. She said that she felt like she owed Trump after he appointed her to the position of UN ambassador and wanted to tell him that she was aiming to win. She also said that in the conversation she urged him to “leave the negativity” in the past.

Haley said she agreed with Trump and was a fan of his presidency, but “chaos follows him.” She suggested that the country can’t endure another four years of chaos. She also added that “Democrat chaos” cannot be addressed by “Republican chaos” without elaborating what that meant precisely.

Haley has recently received a boost in the polls and some report her support is eclipsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the presumptive runner-up for most of the early primary season. Republican primary polls in New Hampshire and Iowa show Haley leading DeSantis. She also clinched a key endorsement from the Koch-aligned Americans For Progress (AFP).

The Iowa primary is being held on January 15th with the New Hampshire primary following it on January 23rd. GOP primary debates are scheduled for January 10th and January 21st and will only feature Haley and DeSantis as they’re the only “qualified” candidates according to the debate organizers.

Trump will not make an appearance and is hosting his own town hall style discussion at the same time as the debates. Trump said that he doesn’t see the point debates given his 30-40 point lead over the competition in the polls.

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