Haley Says Biden Failed To Explain Foreign Threats

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Presidential GOP contender Nikki Haley slammed President Joe Biden on his failure to adequately explain the threat posed by Russia’s war in Ukraine for the conflict being unpopular with American voters. Haley issued the comments on February 18 to ABC’s Jonathan Karl on “This Week.” The critique of Biden came after the collapse of a border deal which would have sent an additional $60 billion to support the war effort.

That deal has since be parsed; the Senate passed its foreign funding provisions to the tune of $95 billion including the original $60 billion for Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, $9.5 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza, additional billions for defense of the Red Sea shipping lanes from the Houthis, and a few billion for allied nations in the Asia-Pacific region dealing with Chinese aggression. Speaker Mike Johnson has said the bill won’t even come up for debate in the House in its current form, despite pressure from the establishment.

Haley said that America’s increasing isolationism was due to Biden’s failure to have conversations with the American people regarding the importance of sending the funding overseas. She bashed Biden for “at no point” broaching the subject with voters and explaining his reasoning in detail. Biden’s obvious mental decline would make that somewhat difficult, however.

Haley is a frequent defender of the military industrial establishment, advocating for continuing armed conflict at every opportunity. She also hinted that American military men and women might be required to fight in Europe if we aren’t supportive of Ukraine’s needs. Haley did not explain her sentiments further.

Karl pushed back a bit and suggested Biden has issued public statements in support of Ukraine and engaged in publicity stunts to drive the message, but Haley countered that he’s failed to elaborate why Ukraine’s security is vital to America’s. She ironically suggested that maintaining the current conflict would prevent future conflict, again without elaboration.

Haley additionally took a dig at Congress for its failure to fund the war effort. Congress has already passed $113.4 billion in support of the Ukrainian effort via prior approvals.

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