Haley Says America Can Never Be Neutral

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Former South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley recently addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. During her speech, she talked about the United States’ role in distinguishing between what is good and bad regarding the events of the world, particularly the current Israel-Palestine conflict. She said that the concept of neutrality is null when it comes to the US and its interests.

Haley opened her speech by commenting on the Israeli conflict, which she depicted as marked by turmoil and crisis. At times, she expressed concern that the United States seems oblivious to the world’s imminent dangers, reminiscent of the pre-9/11 atmosphere on September 10, 2001. She called upon Americans to recall the unity and resolve that emerged after 9/11.

Haley asserted that the US must regain its “moral clarity”. She contended that it is simply not good enough merely to differentiate between good and evil. According to her, the United States must dedicate itself to ensuring the triumph of goodness over evil. She emphasized that this commitment involves addressing the issue of anti-Semitism, whether it occurs in Congress or on college campuses.

A big focus of Haley’s speech was the unwavering bond between the United States and Israel. She portrayed the ongoing crisis in Israel as a stark conflict between virtue and depravity, in which people who want liberty and safety are shielding themselves against savage terrorists. Within this context, she cautioned against advocating a “ceasefire” and again underscored that the United States cannot stay impartial or neutral when facing against terrorists.

Haley acknowledged the preceding administration’s resolute backing of Israel but also posed inquiries about the future, especially in the event of former President Donald Trump’s potential return to the presidency. In her perspective, the stakes are considerably high, further saying that the US needs a leader who can tackle these global challenges and make way for stability.

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