Grown Up Trans Kid Describes Horrors Of The Surgeries

( – Briana Ivy, a 22-year-old transgender person, shared an account of their experiences with their transgender treatments and surgeries, which began before they were even an adult in an interview with Candace Owens

Ivy’s journey into the realm of transgender identity began at a young age when they felt a sense of non-conformity with their assigned gender. Ivy found solace among girls rather than boys in class and stated that influences such as the media’s coverage of Jazz Jennings further intensified their discomfort with their own body.

By the time Ivy reached 19, they had already undergone two transgender surgeries, one of which was called “bottom surgery.” This surgery is essentially the replacement of their genitals with a surgical facsimile of the genitalia of the gender they “identify as.” However, the aftermath was characterized by severe and lasting pain, as well as physical changes that didn’t align with either male or female anatomy.

Ivy unveiled a deeply distressing narrative of disfigurement and mental anguish resulting from the surgery. Ivy’s surgical journey was facilitated by a surgeon who had garnered some notoriety on TikTok, Sidhbh Gallagher.

Ivy’s ordeal also included the insertion of a catheter for a month, a draining experience of dilation exercises, and severe discomfort. Despite expressing their concerns about the pain and complications that arose post-surgery, Ivy’s complaints were met with indifference. Additional surgery to correct these complications was suggested but ultimately deemed infeasible by other medical professionals due to the extensive trauma Ivy had endured.

Recalling their time in the hospital immediately after the surgery, Ivy described a sense of fascination from medical staff who had rarely seen someone as young as they undergo such procedures.

Throughout this harrowing journey, Ivy’s mental health significantly deteriorated. However, they found solace and healing in their newfound connection with spirituality, citing a recent embrace of God’s presence as a source of strength and comfort. Ivy said they were done “shutting God out”.

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