Green Party Presidential Candidate Arrested At Campus Anti-Israel Protest

( – Recurrent Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested with some of her staff during a protest against the Israel-Hamas war at Washington University on the evening of April 27. Green was held for around six hours after being detained for trespassing after refusing orders to disperse.

Green is recognized as a far-left progressive. She has used her status as a Jewish woman to argue for the Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) movement against Israel, or the international attempt to cow the Zionist state by individual and national boycotts. Video shared to her X account revealed the moment she was arrested.

Protesters at Washington University and many campuses around the country are demanding an end to the Israel-led war in Gaza. Many protests, including this one, are also issuing demands that the college cut financial ties with companies that provide weapons or technology to Israel.

The scene has repeated at multiple universities across the country and inspired debate about the limits of free speech. Most of the protesters that are being arrested have faced multiple warnings to disperse while on university property and refuse to. Some even lock arms, set up tent camps, or get violent when police physically remove them from the premises.

Washington University published a statement highlighting the protest including faculty, students, as well as others not affiliated with the campus. They said that the group was not well-intentioned as evidenced by their words and actions and refused to disperse upon being ordered to do so by campus authorities. The statement also suggested that the group was potentially dangerous to passersby.

After the group had deployed tents, authorities moved in and issued an order for them to vacate. Eighty people were arrested afterward who refused.

The statement also reiterated the school’s commitment to free expression and protest, but said that the events must conform to campus rules and local law.

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