Governor Brands Border Dispute a ‘Constitutional Crisis’

( – North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) speaking with Newsmax on January 27th suggested that the southern border crisis has become a “constitutional crisis.” Calling the swarms of millions of illegals coming across the southern border “a mass invasion,” Burgum highlighted the national security and public safety concerns during his appearance on “America Right Now.”

Burgum argued that the federal government under the leadership of President Joe Biden has completely abdicated its responsibility to defend the border.

A Supreme Court ruling on January 22nd reversed an appeals court decision that said Biden’s Border Patrol couldn’t remove razor wire fencing installed along the banks of the Rio Grande. The slim 5-4 ruling was a temporary injunction while the larger case plays out before the court.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is openly defying the order and continuing to refuse to admit Border Patrol agents to an area known as Shelby Park, near Eagle Pass, Texas, a hot spot for illegal crossings.

Burgum wondered what Biden’s motivation was to continue to admit thousands of unknown individuals into the country.

It seems as if Biden is using the problem as leverage to get more funding for Ukraine, according to a new report from the New York Times. Biden’s latest offer to defend the border came at too high a cost according to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) who called the deal “dead on arrival.”

The rumored deal will effectively shut down the border once 5,000 encounters per day have occurred, however, opponents argue that no such deal is required for Biden to do so, despite his claims.

Biden rushed to defend the deal on Friday, January 26th arguing he needs new authority in a written statement. Donald Trump has openly opposed the deal, which already weakened its prospects of passing the Republican-controlled House.

Johnson knows that any more funding for Ukraine could imperil his tenure as Speaker, as many conservatives in the House are adamant that Ukraine doesn’t get an additional penny from American taxpayers.

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