GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher Won’t Be Running for Fifth House Term

( – Republican Representative Mike Gallagher has announced that he will not be seeking re-election for a new term. Rep. Gallagher was known for his anti-Chinese stances. The announcement came shortly after he defied fellow Republicans by opposing the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a move made by the GOP to criticize the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis at the southern border with Mexico.

Gallagher, along with two other Republicans, voted against the impeachment. Despite attempts by fellow Republicans to persuade him to change his vote, Gallagher stood his ground and did not change it. The impeachment vote’s failure dealt a blow to the GOP’s efforts to hold the Biden administration accountable for the border crisis. It may, however, increase Donald Trump’s appeal to voters, as the former president has made border security a centerpiece of his campaign.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed following the vote, Gallagher argued that impeachment wouldn’t address border crossings and could establish a precedent against future Republican presidencies.

Gallagher explained his intention regarding his resignation, stating that he only wanted to work in Congress temporarily, and that electoral politics was not meant to be a lifelong career for him. He expressed a desire not to age as a politician in DC, leading to his decision not to seek reelection.

The former Marine, representing northeastern Wisconsin since 2017, played a significant role in leading a House committee focused on countering China. Tensions between the US and China have heightened over the years, with Gallagher calling the relations between the US and China existential on multiple occasions.

Gallagher was initially considering a Senate run against Democrat Tammy Baldwin, but abandoned the idea in June, expressing a commitment to countering China through the committee process.

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