GOP Official Caught Tormenting Colleague

( – A GOP of Vermont’s House of Representatives, Mary Morrissey, recently apologized for secretly pouring water in a Democrat co-workers tote bag for months. Morrissey admitted what she did was not professional and not indicative of her role.

Both of them represent Bennington, Vermont, a small city with fewer than 20,000 residents.

For months, Carroll couldn’t understand why his State House bag was constantly soaked. In her apology, Morrissey said she was ashamed and had apologized to Carroll personally. Carroll accepted her apology but was still confused why she chose to pour water in his bag and questioned why Morrissey didn’t simply discuss the issue with him.

House Speaker Jill Krowinski, a Democrat, announced that Morrissey would no longer be able to attend conference appointments in the local government because of her actions. Krowinski suggested Carroll file an ethics complaint, which he did, and an investigation is ongoing. Krowinski called the situation strange and disturbing.

Carroll revealed that starting in January, his tote was filled with water multiple times a week. He initially thought it might be from snow or an accidental spill but eventually found out it was on purpose. Carroll was able to catch her by setting up a camera pointing towards his belongings whenever he would put them away. Eventually, he caught clear footage of Morrissey pouring the water into his bag, which confirmed his suspicions that it was deliberate action from a colleague.

Carroll and Morrissey, who both took their seats in January 2023, have known each other since they were young, even attending the same church as children. Their relationship was once friendly but soured after Carroll’s election due to differences in views on issues in the state, such as abortion.

Morrissey has not given any confirmed public statement on her reasoning for her strange actions.

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