Girls Injured By Trans-Identifying Athlete, Riley Gaines Goes After Governor

HARRISON, NJ - MAY 26, 2019: U.S. Women's National Soccer Team celebrates scoring goal during friendly game against Mexico as preparation for 2019 Women's World Cup in Harrison, NJ. USA won 3 - 0

( – Women’s rights advocate Riley Gaines recently pointed fingers at Democratic Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey for inaction after a troubling incident involving a transgender athlete.

The incident occurred during a basketball game in February and involved the athlete Lazuli Clark, who was captured on video injuring female opponents.

Clark is a student at Kipp Academy. She has competed in various women’s sports, ranging from basketball, to track and field and even martial arts, despite towering over most biologically female competitors at over six feet tall.

Allegations surfaced that Clark had made inappropriate comments to girls while they were getting changed in the locker room and had also been suspended from the women’s rowing team at a private club for similar behavior. Parents of the affected female students at the rowing club sent a letter to the United States Rowing Association, detailing Clark’s behavior and expressing concern. This incident prompted team officials to report Clark to the US Center for SafeSport, which resulted in a ban from both men’s and women’s rowing teams.

Gaines is known for fighting against people who identify as transgender women participating in women’s sports. She first entered the spotlight when she had to compete against a transgender person in a swimming competition. Since then, she has held multiple student protests about transgender inclusion in women’s sports. Unfortunately, she was also a victim of assault by pro-trans activists because of her protests and comments.

After the recent basketball video surfaced, Gaines immediately condemned the situation. She’s calling for accountability and urging against allowing individuals to hide behind preferred pronouns. She also criticized Governor Healey for failing to adequately address the issue.

Gaines emphasized the need for parents, particularly fathers, to stand up for their daughters against organizations, schools, and states that permit biological males to compete in women’s sports. She echoed her own previous statements on the matter, calling it unfair and saying it should even be illegal.

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