Gaetz Wins The Battle Against McCarthy

( – Rep. Matt Gaetz has followed through on his October 1 assurance that he would try to unseat Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy from his leadership position in the U.S. House of Representatives. The legislator’s announcement followed the McCarthy-led House vote the previous day that had averted a near-complete government shutdown.

Many conservatives in Congress had been in favor of a shutdown. A number of lawmakers were additionally furious with what they said was McCarthy’s reliance on Democrat votes. The Speaker’s actions will see the federal government funded up through November 17, though another showdown is likely to play out as the new deadline draws closer.

Gaetz lambasted McCarthy for overseeing the House vote and promised voters that he would file a “motion to” remove the Speaker from his role. The Rep. from California responded by telling his rival to “bring it on.” Right or wrong, McCarthy did not deflect on the issue. The Republican leader said that he wanted to “get” it “over with” so that members of the House could return to “governing.”

Just one day after comparing McCarthy’s potential ousting to a “Band-Aid” being ripped “off,” Gaetz took to the House floor with his promised “motion to vacate.” Before doing so, the Florida Rep. told his colleagues they were in need of “new leadership” from someone that could be trusted.

Gaetz’ fury with McCarthy is hardly new. He has long been critical of the speaker for what he says is his failure to follow through on several promises.

Late on Tuesday, October 3rd, Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted out, making it the first time in US history. When asked if he would run again, he said he would not. Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina is now filling in as the temporary speaker.

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