Fox News Ratings Collapse

( – Fox News continues to see ratings decline since the network fired its most populat host, Tucker Carlson, on April 24.

The most recent ratings show a decline of 29 percent for the network in year-over-year ratings in primetime. In November 2023, the network averaged 1.73 million viewers in primetime. For the 25-54 age demographic in primetime, Fox News averaged 199,000 million viewers, a 44 percent decline.

For total-day viewership, Fox News averaged 1.18 million viewers, which is a decline of 25 percent in year-over-year ratings. For the 25-54 age demographic for total-day viewership, Fox News averaged 143,000 viewers, a decrease of 37 percent.

Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC Monday show averaged 2.4 million viewers, topping Hannity’s show on Fox News that averaged 2.26 million viewers.

In comparison to November 2022, only MSNBC showed a slight gain in total-day viewers, a 3 percent increase with an average of 778,000 viewers. All other networks saw a decline in viewership in primetime and total-day viewers. Despite its decline, Fox still came out on top for November 2023 ratings among cable news networks, beating out both CNN and MSNBC.

However, for the week ending Dec. 3, Fox News was bumped out of the top spot in the primetime ratings lineup by the Hallmark Channel and its Christmas movies. For the week, Nielsen data shows that between 8 and 11 p.m. Fox News only averaged 1.29 million viewers, while the Hallmark channel averaged 1.53 million viewers. Six Hallmark Channel movie premieres had more than 1.7 million viewers each.

Carlson hosted one of the highest-rated primetime shows on cable television, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” In March, the show had 3.25 million viewers. In May, Carlson began a new show on Twitter. The first video of his new show had more than 120 million views.

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