Four American Farmers Rush To Israel To Pitch In

( – Among America’s tens of millions of self-identifying evangelical Christians, one will find another not-so-small group. Christian Zionists, as the “believers” prefer to be known, view Israel’s very existence as a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and their support for the Jewish State is what many would consider to be unwavering.

Such appears to be the case with a select collection of American evangelical farmers who recently traveled to the nation. After Hamas invaded their sovereign neighbors on October 7, the Israeli Defense Forces immediately called up hundreds of thousands of reservists, many of which worked in the country’s booming agriculture industry.

A vacuum was left in Israel’s farms and fields at harvest time and a group that a number of outlets are referring to as “American cowboys” from Arkansas and Montana answered the call. Brothers Ezekiel and Yoseph Strain, John Plocher and Luke Hutslar, the lone Arkansan, were brought to the Middle East’s sole democracy by a non-profit Christian volunteer organization named HaYovel.

The outfit was founded almost two decades ago by stateside evangelicals and routinely ferries supporters of Israel back and forth to take part in any number of projects. Plocher, Hutslar and the Strains, who are themselves farmers and cowhands in the States, have been harvesting Israeli crops and building security roadways – all without pay.

During an interview with The Daily Wire, one of the Strain brothers revealed that his call to Israel had forced him to walk away from hundreds of tons of unharvested hay in Montana. He told the outlet that actively supporting Israel was more important than his American livelihood.

Joshua Waller, HaHovel’s operations director, told the Wire that had it not been for the efforts of the quartet, certain crops would’ve been left to rot. Many Christian Zionists believe Isaiah prophesied Israel’s apparently-thriving farms.

Whether the prediction was self-fulfilling or supernatural, Isaiah’s 35th chapter says that the desert nation would eventually blossom like a flower.

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