First Action As Speaker Expected To Be Helping Israel

( – The man who is about to go toe-to-toe with Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise in his pursuit of their chamber’s most sought-after leadership position told Maria Bartiromo on October 8 that his first move as Speaker of the House would be to ensure that Israel has what it needs to win its ongoing war with Hamas.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told the Fox host that the vacuum left by Rep. Kevin McCarthy “must be” filled as quickly “as possible” so that GOP reps. have a figurehead they are able to “unite around.” He added that the urgency is “particularly” pressing because of the increasing “hostilities” that are playing out between the Israeli Defense Forces and their opponents in Hamas.

Jordan’s exchange with Bartiromo came only about 24 hours after Palestinian terrorists first crossed into Southern Israel. The legislator told his interviewer that the United States is obligated to give its longtime Middle Eastern ally “the resources” it needs so the nation of 9.3 million can “win decisively.” Jordan said that a victory would translate into sending “a message to” the “evil people” responsible for the recent atrocities.

The Ohio lawmaker referenced ongoing conversations he was having with former American ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Michael McCaul about what Israel’s current needs are. Because of their unique positions, both men would be apt to know what is most prudent.

In a moment that most would likely agree was a nod on Jordan’s part to the Republican Party’s conservative evangelical base, he reminded Bartiromo of the “special bond” that exists “between” the citizens “of Israel and” their supporters in America. Jordan suggested that said relationship between the citizens of both countries needs to “continue” and that America is obligated to “help” Israel “win” their war “quickly.”

The Judiciary chair said he would only address the recent spending debacle once an initial pro-Israel resolution was passed.

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