Fetterman Takes Aim At James Carville Over His Critique Of Biden

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Highlighting a rare dissent within the Democrat ranks, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) suggested long-time Democrat strategist James Carville “shut the f*** up” in regards to Carville offering sentiments that suggested Biden was in trouble heading into the 2024 electoral season.

Fetterman blasted Carville during an interview with Politico published Wednesday, December 27th.

Fetterman also claimed Biden “will win Pennsylvania,” and thus a second term as president. Fetterman argued that there is plenty of time for the field to shift between now and November 2024, and indicated he wasn’t worried about the current polling which indicates Trump has a substantial lead.

Fetterman is a staunch Biden-defender. He insisted Carville is politically irrelevant and has been “since grunge was a thing.” He further criticized Carville for being unhelpful, characterizing Biden’s circumstances as “incredibly difficult.” Fetterman said Biden was decent, strong, and an “excellent president.”

Carville responded to the sentiments by suggesting he’s been invited to campaign with other Senators, indicating his relevance, and said he was glad Fetterman was feeling better.

Fetterman had a stroke during his 2022 campaign and suffered severe cognitive decline including a difficulty speaking in public for months afterward. Earlier this year in May, he checked himself into Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital for depression. He remained in the hospital for six weeks before recovering.

He’s been stirring up headlines in the last few weeks over his demand Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) be removed from the Senate due to a pending indictment against Menendez which includes charges of bribery and corruption.

Fetterman purchased a Cameo video from disgraced former House Rep. George Santos (R-NY) who was similarly ousted over an indictment alleging criminal behavior. In the video, Santos tells Menendez to “stand his ground,” and refuse to give in to the demands of “haters” before wishing him a Merry Christmas.

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