Fetterman Openly Says He Does Not Agree With Biden

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania recently criticized President Joe Biden’s stance on Israel, accusing him of pandering to Democrats. He slammed the administration’s reluctance to offer full-fledged support to Israel amidst their current war with Hamas. Fetterman voiced his concerns during an interview on Sunday, April 14.

The Biden administration recently decided to not support any huge counterattacks on Hamas militants. This was mostly due to tightening pressure from pro-Ceasefire Democrats. The administration has also shown reluctance to engage in any sort of retaliation against Iran, despite their recent attacks on Israel.

During his interview, Fetterman emphasized the critical importance of the US’ full-on support for Israel. He appeared to be in disbelief at the administration’s cautious approach, particularly in light of drone and missile attacks launched by Iran and its proxies this past weekend.

However, despite his disagreement with President Biden on this issue, Fetterman reaffirmed he fully supports Biden’s administration.

Fetterman attributed Iran’s recent actions to a desire for retaliation following an earlier drone strike by the Israeli Defense Forces in Syria. This attack killed seven members of the Iranian military. Even though Iran launched huge amounts of suicide drones and missiles towards Israel, the majority of them were intercepted and neutralized before they could cause any injuries or damage.

Fetterman has drawn some controversies within the Democrat party in the past. One of his most recent controversies arose when he admitted he does not consider himself a “progressive”.

The past few months Democrats seem to disagree on how they should view Israel and the current conflict. Some Democrats want a fairer approach, and others call for unwavering support. Fetterman’s criticism reflects bigger divisions within the Democrat party over its approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It also shows that regardless of the affiliation, the current conflict in Israel is a hard one for the US to navigate.

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