Family Mourns Loved Ones Killed by Human Smuggler

( – A Texas mother of Mexican descent is speaking out about how leftist border policies led to the death of both her mother and daughter at the hands of a stateside human smuggler. Elisa Tambunga eventually took her fury all the way to the nation’s capital, where she testified before members of Congress and further confronted Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

In March, and in what has been a grossly-underreported story amongst mainstream media, Tambunga’s 7-year-old daughter Emilia gave her mother a hug and hopped in a pickup with her grandmother. The two had planned on spending a few hours together in the Texas town of Ozona while Elisa took an examination.

While on the way to meet up with her cousins at a football game, their vehicle was struck by a speeding driver and the two were instantly killed. Emilia’s mother learned not long after that their deaths could likely have been prevented were it not for the happenings on America’s southern border.

The instigating driver was a 22-year-old trafficker by the name of Rassian Comer who was being pursued by police in a high-speed chase. Comer was not trying to dodge a traffic citation that day. The smuggler was actively transporting illegal immigrants and thought he would be able to evade authorities by driving well over 100 mph.

To add insult to injury, the criminal was also arrogant enough to film the chase and upload a portion of it to Facebook. Comer can be seen moving his head to the beat of hip hop and panning the camera from his face to the pursuing deputies and back.

Shortly thereafter, he blew through a red light at 105 mph and ended the lives of Emilia and her grandmother, Maria. The smuggler was also responsible for killing two of his 11 passengers. Facebook has since removed the video, but prosecutors have filed it as evidence in his pending case.

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