Family Member Says GOP Primary Is Over, Trump Won

( – Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle said Trump Sr. was the clear winner of the 2024 GOP primary, despite it not officially ending until June 4th, 2024. Guilfoyle made the comments while speaking with Newsmax host Rob Schmitt on his show on Monday, December 11th.

In opening the discussion, Schmitt pointed to the results of a recent Wall Street Journal poll that compared all the candidates which was taken at the beginning of the month. The poll showed Trump in the lead with 37% of support while Joe Biden lagged 6 points behind him with 31%. Robert Kennedy Jr. placed third with 8%. As many as 14% reported they were undecided, however.

Schmitt said many folks who abstained from voting in 2020 are reporting support for Trump this time around. Guilfoyle pointed out that they’ve had the opportunity to see both Biden and Trump’s performances in office and Trump’s economic achievements were clearly superior.

Guilfoyle also said our national security and foreign policy was much more robust under Trump and highlighted Chinese aggression, the war in Ukraine, and the outburst of violence in Israel and Gaza have all made Biden look weak. “People want to go back to the way it was,” she added.

She said that folks who were “still asleep” need to “wake up, this primary is over.” She said poll after poll indicates Trump has “all the momentum in this race,” and claimed Trump’s performance was good for Republicans in general down the ballot. Trump being on the ticket and being so popular will lead more Republican voters to turn out at the polls come November 2024.

Guilfoyle stated that Trump being on the ticket encourages libertarians and other independents who support him to turn out to vote. She said that people are seeking a significant change of order “the magnitude of which we’ve never seen before” which really only benefits Trump as he’s the only popular candidate promising that.

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