Eventbrite Cancels Event Against Child Mutilation

(ConservativeJournal.org) – An event meant to promote gender normalcy that was set to feature a well-known teenage “detransitioner” has been removed from Eventbrite’s listings. “Detransitioners” are people who initiated a “gender change” who later came to regret it and view it as a mistake. Upon being questioned about the reasoning behind their decision, the platform’s customer service department said the scheduled gathering violated their policy concerning “hateful” and violent” speech.

The tech behemoth further said that the delisted event qualified as “dangerous.” The event in question was originally organized by the Palmetto Family Council, a South Carolina nonprofit that promotes what many would consider to be traditional family values.


etto leadership had scheduled Chloe Cole to speak at a Spartanburg Baptist Church on November 6 about the dangers of transitioning teenagers from one gender to another. Cole gained notoriety around the nation and on social media when she began campaigning against what she said was the transgender indoctrination of teenagers in America.

Many found her words especially poignant because at one time Cole had considered herself to be a boy despite being born a female. She eventually came to regret her decision to transition and chose to once again begin living as female, much to the chagrin of many on the left. Cole underwent a double mastectomy when she was only 15.

Eventbrite’s response to Palmetto’s query about why they had pulled their event included the caveat of reminding the organization that “repeated violations” of the platform’s “community guidelines” could lead to future suspensions and possibly a “termination” of their “account.” When contacted by the Daily Wire about the developments, the outlet said they received no response.

When the outlet reached out to Palmetto, they were told via email that the event in question had been arranged so that “the dangers” associated with “transgenderism” and the “genital mutilation” of young people could be discussed. The group said they hoped “to foster a” nationwide “movement” that exposes the fact that children are not old enough “to consent to” hormone therapies and gender-based surgeries.

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