Europe Given Ominous War Warning

( – European Council President Charles Michel proclaimed that Europe’s defense capabilities must be vastly improved because of the ongoing threat from Russia. His comments come as the war in Ukraine begins its third year without any sign of ending.

In an op-ed published in various European newspapers, Michel underscored the need for the European Union to take more responsibility for its own security, especially given the uncertainty surrounding US. support. Trust in the US for defense of the EU has been slowly waning. Not only have there been controversies around funding Ukraine, but Trump, if re-elected, has implied he will not intervene if Russia were to attack.

Michel emphasized that the EU must not rely solely on assistance from others and must be prepared to defend itself. According to him, if Ukraine does not receive support to resist Russia, Europe could be the next target. He highlighted the significant shift in global security dynamics since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and stressed that Russia’s aggression extends beyond Ukraine to other regions such as Moldova, Georgia, Europe, and Africa.

In the last year, Russia has seen significant gains in Ukraine. Its victories have made leaders in the West paranoid, since the Russian military seems to be more powerful than previously thought.

Warnings from Western leaders, including Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer and US President Joe Biden, have indicated the possibility of Russia expanding its aggression beyond Ukraine. Many leaders in the West are therefore preparing for potential conflicts in the future.

Michel urged the EU to adopt a proactive approach to defense, saying it should be ready to go to war at any moment. He also emphasized the need to increase defense spending. Europe’s defense industry has seen recent growth, but has historically underspent on security and defense. He compared the spending in the EU to Russia’s significant spending on military resources, implying the EU is far behind.

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