Due To Theft, Walmart Removes Self Check-Outs At Two Locations

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Walmart announced they’re making changes in stores by removing self-checkout machines from selected locations due to increased theft. The retailer plans to replace these kiosks with staffed checkout lanes to provide what they call more personalized service.

Increasing theft has lately been troubling Walmart, even to the point of complete closures of some stores. Many stores are ditching self-checkout not only due to vulnerability to theft but also customer dissatisfaction, as self-checkout lines in Walmart usually have a long waiting time. At first, Walmart believed that encouraging customers to scan items themselves would’ve helped reduce lines and labor costs. However, due to the challenges caused by the theft issue, more stores are following suit and removing the kiosks entirely.

Walmart has not confirmed if this removal will extend to all its locations but cited feedback and business needs as factors driving the change. According to recent studies, self-checkout devices have irritated customers and made them less loyal to stores. Self-checkout lanes are also more prone to customer errors, especially with items like produce that require manual entry. These losses can add up if the information is not entered properly.

Some other retailers, like Dollar General, are removing self-checkout altogether due to theft concerns. Target is implementing technology called “TruScan” technology to detect unscanned items and reduce losses. TruScan uses AI-powered cameras and sensors to monitor shoppers during checkout, aiming to curb theft and errors. Other measures include adding traditional checkout lanes and locking up items behind plastic screens to mitigate theft. While the retailers take steps to address theft, shoppers have expressed surprise and inconvenience over locked items.

Organized shoplifting has become more common in recent years, prompting more and more retailers to adopt preventive measures. This ongoing effort aims to enhance security and improve the shopping experience for customers, but it remains to be seen if it will have a desired effect.

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