Dozens Shot Across Nation Over Violent Labor Day Weekend

( – This year’s Labor Day weekend was coupled with striking levels of violence across the entire nation. Dozens of shootings were reported in cities nationwide despite most of the population relaxing on a brief respite from work and life. The Democrat-controlled stronghold of Chicago topped the list of dead and wounded yet again.

Forty-one people are reported to have been shot there, 10 of whom died. The innocent are almost always among the total and this year was no different. A six-year-old was shot in his leg while inside a home. Another boy was shot in his head and still another took a bullet to his stomach.

Elsewhere in the Windy City, a round struck a 16-year-old girl in her foot outside a high school football stadium. A game had ended not long before. Detectives were called to one home after a 53-year-old female was found deceased. The woman had been shot.

Though Chicago’s gun violence typically outpaces other areas, the rest of the nation is not immune from having high numbers as well. Fifteen people were hit by bullets in the southern enclave of Atlanta. A longtime resident of the city told a reporter that shootings were taking place “over and over” again. “It’s getting worse,” the 25-year-old said.

The home of the recent Super Bowl champions dealt with 4 shootings of their own over the holiday. Seven shootings took place in Baltimore with a 12-year-old among the wounded. Three people were shot in New York, four in Memphis and another two in Philadelphia.

The current home of President Biden is dealing with its own apparent epidemic of gun violence. According to the D.C. Police Department’s own numbers, violent crime in the city has shot up by 39% in just the last year. The nation’s capital is on track to have its highest murder rate in 20 years and the Police Union says an additional 500 officers are needed.

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