DOJ Unveils New Regulations on Gun Shows and Sites

( – The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday, August 31, put forward new rules regarding unregulated firearms transactions.

The new rules, as explained by the Bureau for Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco (ATF), state that one can only purchase firearms from somebody at a gun show or online from somebody that is proven to be in the firearm “business”. The executive order regarding this decision was signed by President Biden in March.

In the past, gun control groups have requested that the government put a number on the amount of gun sales somebody makes that could prove they are actually in the firearm business and not just trying to sell the firearm illegally. The government’s solution is to look at gun shops’/salesmen’s revenue as a whole and calculate if the gun sales are providing them with enough money to prove that said shop or person can make a living from it.

Another part of the new rules sets forth a new expectation for what gun shops should do when they run out of business. It states that the owner should not be running any “closing sales”, but they should rather just liquidate their inventory through other legal means through the ATF.

Most of the new rules put forth by the DOJ are a direct result of both the Uvalde school shooting in Texas, and the Buffalo, NY grocery store shooting that both happened in 2022.

Dealers are mostly following the law, but the ATF has said that they’ve encountered a high number of people trying to sell firearms in an off-the-books type of way. The director of the ATF, Steve Dettelbach, stated that anybody who takes part in these illicit means of selling firearms is breaking the law. He also noted that the off-the-books sellers are hurting the gun salesmen who are following the rules, which negatively affects the gun industry as a whole.

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