Disney’s “Snow White” Sparks Major Casting Backlash

(ConservativeJournal.org) – The entertainment giant who has been on the receiving end of conservative ire for years is facing major backlash on its already heavily criticized Snow White remake. On October 27, Walt Disney announced that the project’s anticipated March 2024 release would be extended until March of 2025.

The film’s production had reportedly fallen victim to Hollywood’s writer’s strike, but that’s not what fans were seemingly most upset about. In conjunction with the postponement announcement, the company released a still photo from one of the movie’s many scenes involving dwarves.

Readers may remember that the studio came under intense criticism months ago when a separate still photo of a dwarf-relevant scene was released. To the chagrin of many, the picture showed a lineup of “dwarves” that included only one dwarf. Six of the seven that were cast in the roles were humans of standard height.

The outrage didn’t stop there. In an apparent nod to diversity quotas, executives had chosen to cast black actors and actresses in three of the dwarf-specific roles. After taking an enormous amount of heat from fans of the original story, Disney chose to alter their already-amended storyline.

Unfortunately for the studio, the modified dwarf lineup is being lambasted almost as badly as their first choice. The company’s latest photo from Snow White’s set does indeed show that they listened to fan concerns about wokeness. All the dwarves in question have been returned to their original white skin tone, but the original human actors have been replaced by the CGI variety.

Fans and movie critics are now up in arms about the company’s decision to not use bonafide actors with dwarfism. Proponents of cancel culture have taken to social media to waylay Disney all over again. Beyond Snow White’s plethora of dwarf issues, the film’s protagonist has been involved in her own off-set controversies.

Rachel Zegler’s feminist comments about the original plot have not been taken kindly.

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