Disney’s Favorability Plummets After Snow White Controversy

(ConservativeJournal.org) – While it might be difficult to pinpoint the moment conservatives began to drift away from Disney in enormous numbers, many would likely feel comfortable arguing that it began with Lucasfilm’s now-infamous dismissal of Gina Carano.

The actress and MMA fighter’s 2021 comments about government suppression of political thought proved to be too much for her employer and she was let go, much to the chagrin of conservatives. Lucasfilm is owned by The Walt Disney Company and at the time of Carano’s pink slip issuance, many Americans began walking away from both entities in droves.

If the latest numbers from Rasmussen are accurate, it appears that Disney has never recovered. To add fuel to the fire, the lead actress for their remake of the famous “Snow White” recently called the original storyline “extremely dated.” Rachel Zegler added several feminist references to her red carpet comments, angering many.

Zegler’s comments aside, more than 60% of conservative Republicans view the company unfavorably. Of that total, 35% of respondents took their answer a step further and said their opinion was “very unfavorable.”

The late September survey found that opinions were almost evenly split according to one’s political identification. While 32% of Republicans saw the business in an unfavorable light, almost the same number of Democrats viewed it favorably at 29%. Amongst Republican respondents, 61% viewed the company unfavorably.

Disney, who openly supports what many view to be an extreme amplification of gay rights, went to battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during his March 2022 campaign to rid his state’s public school classrooms of LGBTQ indoctrination. Their leftist stance on the issue appeared to have consequences.

A poll conducted at the time showed that 64% of Republicans had an unfavorable opinion of the company. In contrast, 58% of Democrats saw it favorably. Come full circle to October of 2023 and one finds that not much has changed.

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