Disneyland Posts Woke ‘Wheel Of Privilege’ In Employee Kitchen

(ConservativeJournal.org) – Disneyland in California was recently exposed by reporting by the Daily Wire revealing the presence of a “wheel of power/privilege” in an employee lounge inside the park. The infographic blasted employees who were “white,” “cisgender” or “able-bodied” as having “power” while dark skinned, lesbians, and “undocumented” individuals are considered marginalized. It also has a long paragraph explaining how they define “privilege,” another explaining how we should accept the label and a third giving examples.

The wheel is sectioned out similar to a dart board with different wedges displaying different traits. It divides people up based on superficial or physical characteristics and then informs people whether they’re privileged or marginalized, as if reality was that simple.

The board even included a middle category between privileged and marginalized which was unlabeled, featuring groups like gay men, middle class, average bodied, and females.

The poster defined privilege as “unearned access” or an advantage one has due to membership in a particular group. The concept is used to posit two classes of individuals, those with power, and those without. It then posits that privileges have hindered awareness of the world which can only be remedied by accepting they’re a real phenomenon.

An employee took the picture and shared it with Daily Wire reporters anonymously for fear of retaliation. The employee indicated that the poster was hung in a kitchen that services multiple restaurants or food outlets in the park. The individual suggested that the materials were divisive and were “destroying the magic” of the amusement park. In comments to the Daily Wire, the person said that the display made employees uncomfortable which was antithetical to founder Walt Disney’s vision.

After reporters reached out to Walt Disney Company to inquire about the poster and the reason for its display, the source reported that the poster was removed and followed up with a picture of the display case empty. Disney did not provide any comment.

The mega company has been scrutinized heavily for its woke programming. Whether it’s in films like Star Wars or pushing the messaging on its employees as we see here, people are fed up with being lectured about morals from a company. The woke chickens are coming home to roost, however, with nearly a billion dollars in losses in 2023 due to flops like “The Little Mermaid” live-action reboot or the woke cartoon film “Elemental.”

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