Disney+ Merging With Hulu

(ConservativeJournal.org) – For reasons that some say are related to the company’s decision to back all things woke, Disney has reportedly lost billions of dollars and millions of stateside customers. While the company’s apparent decline has been years in the making, critics of the Walt Disney-founded business were given new wind when executives in the organization chose to go after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ education policies.

Since then, Disney has taken hit after hit, the most recent of which was after its release of The Marvels. The film’s storyline, which many considered to be full of feminist-inspired “wokeism,” was met with box office ire. Whether the plot was left-leaning or not, unlike prior Marvel iterations, it has failed to turn into a smash in theaters.

In November’s second week and in a move that some are interpreting as an act of desperation, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Disney+ is about to merge with the Hulu app. According to Iger, the app combination will debut its beta test version in December.

Disney has yet to finalize the deal that would reportedly give the company full ownership of Hulu, but a number of reports have suggested that the buyout is close. NBCUniversal is still said to own a one-third stake in Hulu and Iger’s executives are reportedly in negotiations with Comcast, NBC’s parent company, to make the sale.

Estimates put the purchase price at a little over $8.5 billion. During an earnings call with investors in September, Iger mentioned his intention to bundle the two streaming services into what he called a “unified one-app experience.”

Some have suggested that Iger’s merger has less to do with expansion and more to do with a need to recoup several hundred million dollars in losses. In 2021, Disney’s reported overall market capitalization was reportedly about $358 billion.

In the years since Disney attacked Florida’s education system, their market cap has declined by over $200 billion.

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