DeSantis Tells House Republicans To “Do What They Promised”

( – On September 17, Governor Ron DeSantis lambasted members of his own party in the U.S. House of Representatives for what he said was a failure on their part to follow through on any number of campaign promises they had made to their respective constituencies.

During an interview on Fox News, the Florida official said that Republicans should stop focusing on what could happen to their legislation once it reaches the Democrat-controlled Senate and instead focus on the items they assured voters they would pursue once elected. DeSantis appeared to suggest that many House conservatives are operating their chamber of Congress with a defeatist attitude.

He told Fox’s Howard Kurtz that “even if” the GOP fails to advance anything past the Senate, voters will still see their willingness to fight for the issues that are important to them. DeSantis’ statements were in response to a question from Kurtz in which the reporter asked the governor if he would endorse a government shutdown over budgetary issues.

Although he declined to answer with a yes or no, the governor did not shy away from discussing fiscal matters. The nation “is going insolvent,” he responded. DeSantis said both parties were responsible for the country’s escalating national debt and that Republicans were obligated to “show” voters “a better way” forward.

Later in his appearance, the Republican told Kurtz that he backs the House’s decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. The allegations of corruption and graft against the President are “really troubling,” he said.

DeSantis went on to say that the House has the legal right to pursue the President and he appeared to indicate that Democrats were largely responsible for bringing the current events about by first opening an inquiry into President Trump “based on” little more than “a phone call” to a foreign leader. There is far “more evidence” against Biden than there was against Trump, he said.

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