DeSantis Says Society Is Sick

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( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis briefly stepped away from his campaign trail to participate in a “prayer session” with pastors through the Family Policy Alliance, addressing his thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The Florida Governor and possible 2024 presidential candidate depicted the current events as a “significant turning point” for the United States ally, Israel. He noted that the scale of this crisis, when measured on a basis of scale, far surpasses even the profound impact on the world and the US than that of the 9/11 attacks.

DeSantis emphasized the unprecedented nature of the situation due to its brutality and size. He drew comparisons that suggested this crisis specifically equates to, in terms of scale, to 10 or 20 9/11 attacks when considering the size of Israel. He firmly stated that the Middle East would never be the same.

While he had previously likened the events to 9/11, he adopted a sharper tone in recent days. During the call, the Governor voiced his endorsement of a comprehensive response to this “grave challenge.” He articulated that Israel must have the freedom to take whatever actions are necessary for self-defense, implying that anything less than the complete elimination of Hamas and its entire terror infrastructure would not suffice.

The Governor recalled that his administration had expressed strong opposition to nationwide demonstrations against Israeli retaliation. He alleged that some demonstrations in Florida even displayed support for Hamas, condoning horrific acts like the decapitation of infants, the murder of elderly individuals, and barbaric acts of violence against women.

DeSantis conveyed his belief that such support for Hamas revealed a concerning ailment afflicting society, saying that the world is “sick”. He strongly indicated that Florida would not tolerate such sentiments and reiterated the state’s unwavering support for Israel.

DeSantis expressed his sorrow for the situation but asserted that an underlying sentiment of determination and resolve would drive Israel forward to confront this formidable challenge.

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