Desantis Pushes to Implement Term Limits for Congress

( – Governor Ron DeSantis has recently returned to South Carolina right before its upcoming primary between former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Desantis dropped out of the race over a month ago. Although he initially endorsed Trump, DeSantis clarified that his visit was not a signal that he was going to re-enter the race, or was it about campaigning for Trump. Instead, DeSantis said, he was invited by state legislators for a conference in Columbia to discuss his advocacy for constitutional amendments, particularly term limits for congress.

Earlier in the day, DeSantis also spoke to lawmakers in Indiana regarding term limits. He believes they are necessary as they facilitate natural change.

When questioned about the presidential race in South Carolina, DeSantis said that he has not really been following it since he dropped out. Reflecting on his decision to suspend his campaign after losing to Trump by a pretty large margin in the Iowa caucuses, DeSantis mentioned he was looking at the data and already anticipating Trump’s significant win in New Hampshire. Therefore, he decided to drop out of the race.

DeSantis emphasized Trump’s appeal to core Republicans, contrasting it with what he perceived as Nikki Haley’s attempt to try and appeal to all voters, Republican, Independent, and Democrat. He criticized Haley’s strategy, stating that attempting to appeal to those beyond the party’s base during the primary was not a viable approach and would not be effective. Desantis also talked about Trump’s role in the Republican Party as a whole, emphasizing his massive reach and popularity.

DeSantis referred to his own successful re-election for governor in Florida, implying that he might be more effective as a governor than as president. While supporting leadership changes within the national GOP, he refrained from endorsing a specific candidate. Despite being questioned about potential last-minute changes in the South Carolina primary, DeSantis expressed skepticism, indicating that it is obvious that Trump will win the primary in that state.

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