DeSantis Declares Florida As A GOP Stronghold

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) declared Florida to be a Republican stronghold over the weekend in comments given on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” DeSantis elaborated on how he believed the state had transitioned from purple to deep red over the course of his administration. He highlighted how many Republicans have moved to Florida due to the consequences of pandemic policies.

DeSantis said that when he won the governorship in 2018, the GOP had 300,000 fewer registered voters in the state. In 2024, there are 900,000 more Republicans than Democrats registered to vote in Florida. That’s over a million people shifting Florida towards the Republican party, he said.

He highlighted that people are more likely to switch to Republican in Florida, but he said that migration has had the largest impact. He suggested that Americans who migrated to Florida did so because they preferred the policies that were in place in the state, which would naturally attract a more conservative voter.

“Florida is off the board,” DeSantis stated firmly; claiming the state will go red in future elections, despite being a swing state in the past.

The Biden campaign has been attempting to use a recently approved 6-week abortion ban in the state as a political wedge to drive voters into his camp. On Monday, April 8 the Florida Supreme Court approved the legality of a 6-week abortion ban set to go into effect on May 1. The state currently has a 15-week ban on the practice of terminating pregnancies.

Biden suggested the ruling was “outrageous,” lamenting the fact that women couldn’t opt to kill their unborn child in Florida after the 6-week mark. Democrats are weaponizing the return of the abortion debate to the states as a talking point in the runup to the November electoral contest. Biden argued that “Trump will do everything in his power” to bring about a national abortion ban.

Trump, understanding that the issue is a losing one with American voters, announced on April 8 that he would not support a national ban. In a short video posted to Truth Social, Trump said that the states should make the determination through their legislative processes, giving the people who live there the ability to make the decision for themselves.

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