DeSantis Believes Polls Are Narrative Driven

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has expressed skepticism regarding recent poll results that show former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by 10 points. DeSantis believes that such polls are driven by a desire to shape a particular narrative rather than reflect genuine public sentiment.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Addison Smith, DeSantis suggested that certain polls are attempting to promote Trump’s potential GOP nomination and even influence Biden’s decision to run for re-election. He emphasized that the media’s approach to polling can be narrative-driven, and their actions will likely change if Trump becomes the nominee.

DeSantis specifically highlighted the poll’s findings that Trump leads Biden by 20 points among voters under 35. Such an outcome, according to DeSantis, raises questions about the poll’s underlying narrative objectives.

The governor posited that the corporate press may have dual motives. First, they may favor Trump as the GOP nominee, which is evident in their coverage. Second, they may seek to encourage Democrats to reconsider Biden’s candidacy in favor of an alternative candidate like California Governor Gavin Newsom.

DeSantis further contended that the media aims to depict Biden as weak and potentially sway Democrats toward alternative candidates like Newsom. He advised the public to approach such corporate press narratives with skepticism.

DeSantis has already committed to a debate with Governor Newsom, scheduled for November 30, demonstrating his readiness to engage in discussions beyond just comparing Florida to California. He said that the mass migration from California to Florida, evidenced by people voting “with their feet,” has already settled the debate about which state offers a better living environment.

DeSantis has not had good luck in the polls recently. His struggles are further compounded by the fact that Trump’s indictments surprisingly have made him an even more popular candidate for right-wing conservatives and populists.

Even though some call for younger candidates to take the presidency, it seems that for many reasons, Trump will still take the GOP primary.

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