DeSantis And Haley Both Say They’d Pardon Trump If He’s Convicted

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, 2024 presidential candidate, has reiterated his willingness to pardon former President Donald Trump if elected. After a campaign event in Iowa, DeSantis reaffirmed statements he previously made in July on The Megyn Kelly Show, drawing parallels to Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon.

DeSantis emphasized the need for national unity, suggesting that pardoning Trump would be like Ford’s decision to pardon Nixon, despite facing criticism for it. A campaign spokesperson later confirmed DeSantis’ intention to consider a pardon for Trump.

While DeSantis and Trump have experienced disagreements, the Florida governor’s gesture could be strategic, given Trump’s current popularity within the GOP. DeSantis is not alone in contemplating a Trump pardon.

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley also expressed similar sentiments while campaigning in New Hampshire, advocating for a pardon if Trump were to be convicted. Like DeSantis, she talked about differences she has with Trump, but noted that after everything, there is no reason to imprison Trump, noting the calls for imprisonment as “performative”. Haley emphasized the impracticality and divisiveness of imprisoning an older Trump, who still led the nation, and especially that Trump’s tenure as President.

Likewise, GOP 2024 hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy also voiced support for a Trump pardon. However, the consensus among Republican candidates isn’t all the same.

Chris Christie, former New Jersey governor, strongly opposes the idea of pardoning Trump. Similarly, Asa Hutchinson, former Arkansas governor and GOP candidate, is also against DeSantis and Haley’s stance. Hutchinson underscored the importance of upholding the principle of equal justice, cautioning against politically motivated pardon usage.

The discussion around a potential Trump pardon underscores the complex dynamics within the GOP as candidates navigate their stances on key issues. Trumps removal from multiple state’s ballots signifies an intense election season for him, notwithstanding candidates talking about pardoning, or not pardoning him.

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