Denver Boots 800 Migrant Families From Shelters

( – Denver’s struggle with homeless illegals is getting dramatically worse over time. The city is in the process of evicting 800 illegal families from the shelter system which was already overcrowded. Over 40,000 illegals have flooded the city over the last few months, overwhelming public resources and safety nets.

The city has already given the boot to 140 families who were occupying temporary shelter space typically reserved for homeless Americans. They’ll continue to evict a further 660, according to city representatives.

Mayor Mike Johnston announced in January that illegals can only occupy shelter space for six weeks. He reported during a recent town meeting that “every single hotel room” was filled in Denver and its surrounding areas. He said they had to begin “exiting folks” otherwise the 250 or so people who arrive every day won’t have a place to stay.

Johnston said the city is “very close” to collapsing under the strain of the illegal immigrant flood.

The original plan was to allow the illegals to stay as long as needed, however, continued arrivals over the past few months have strained capacity to the point where there simply aren’t any more rooms where they can house needy illegals.

The city also reported that illegals have received over $10 million in medical assistance from Denver Health, the city’s free medical center. The hospital is already asking the state and federal government for help paying their bills. Johnston said the city would need an additional $100 million in 2024 to cover the cost of future healthcare, housing, and education for the illegals.

The city’s public schools are already educating 3,000 illegal children, most of whom need extreme support in terms of English language training. Many of the children have never had a scholastic experience at all.

Denver is additionally already dealing with tent cities and homelessness with the homeless population jumping 30% in 2023.

The city’s base population is roughly 710,000 meaning that the illegals are adding 5% to the total. The city is already strained and may have to make significant budget cuts to continue to fund the illegal migrant horde. New York City recently announced its own budget cuts to cope with the crisis.

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