Dems Get Anxious Over Military Holds

( – Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is continuing to hold his ground against legislators who have leveled an unending barrage of criticism against him for blocking around 300 high-level officer promotions in the U.S. Armed Forces. Tuberville’s refusal to vote on those promotions came in response to the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

For his actions, or lack thereof, the senator has received immense praise from some and the harshest of criticism from others. One leftist group that purports to represent veterans and their families said the legislator was a “traitor” to the military.

During a September 17 Newsmax appearance with Chris Salcedo, Tuberville defended his position and shot back at those who say his actions have hindered overall military readiness. The senator pointed out that even General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is of the opinion that the military is functioning at the highest of levels. In a separate interview earlier that day, Milley said the forces he was in command of were “better than” they have “been in years.”

The general is due to retire in only one week and his replacement has been called into question as part of Tuberville’s hold on promotions. From a technical perspective, his hold could be bypassed if the Senate was willing to take a separate vote on each pending officer. The Alabama senator’s unwillingness to budge from his position prevents a collective vote from taking place on the Senate floor that would approve all of the several hundred promotions at once.

Tuberville told Salcedo that Milley’s upcoming departure is causing his Democrat counterparts in the Senate to become “fidgety.” In referencing his position on the Pentagon’s abortion guidelines, the senator said he has no intention of “giving in.”

Military policy allows troops from all branches to take up to three weeks off to have their pregnancies terminated. It also provides a reimbursement for travel expenses associated with the procedure.

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