Democrats’ Approval Rating Of Biden Hit Record Low

( – In virtually every interview he has ever given, famed conservative economist Gerald Celente tells listeners, “when all else fails, they take you to war.” Celente’s most recent use of his go-to line was in an October 30 standalone Twitter post.

Many would likely find his words poignant when viewed through the lens of what appears to be on the horizon in the Middle East. Celente is not alone in his analysis.

Those with much bigger name recognition, like Tucker Carlson, seem to second the economist’s position. During an August 30 interview with Adam Carrolla, Carlson predicted that the Biden administration would be taking the nation to war in short order in an effort to cover up a host of domestic failures.

Whether Carlson and Celente are right or wrong, President Joe Biden appears to be in a statistical dire straits of sorts. Gallup’s latest numbers show that only 5% of conservative voters approve of the job the American head-of-state is doing.

Breakage from one’s ideological opponents is something most politicians likely consider to be a given. Republicans aside, the Biden administration is now facing something worse than an overall disdain from voters who identify with the right.

According to Gallup’s October 26 data, the President’s approval has plummeted to a new all-time low amongst members of his own party. About three out of four Democratic voters still approve of the job he is doing, but that number is down by 11 points in just the last month.

His 37% overall job approval rating is not the lowest it has ever been, but it certainly approaches the lowest it has ever been. Should it drop one more point, the President will find himself at the lowest point of his tenure in the White House.

Megan Brenan, the consultant who compiled Gallup’s data, appeared to suggest that Biden’s sudden drop amongst Democrats was related to his handling of the crisis in Israel.

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