Dem Slams Biden Over Border Crisis

( – On Sunday, September 24, Representative Henry Cuellar expressed the need for more “repercussions” to deter immigrants from attempting illegal border crossings.

In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” the Texas Democrat emphasized the need for consequences at the border, saying that deportation and the public display of such actions are required. Cuellar questioned the last time people witnessed individuals leaving the country rather than an influx of arrivals.

Cuellar also remarked on the immigration approaches of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, suggesting that neither has provided comprehensive solutions to address border-related challenges.

Regarding Trump, Cuellar said that the former president’s approach, including the separation of families and children, veered too far to the right. Cuellar likewise noted that the Biden administration’s actions have been inadequate, highlighting the need to strike a balanced approach that involves community input. He emphasized the importance of listening to community leaders.

The number of migrants has increased exponentially post-pandemic. Because of this, the issue of the southern border of the US is a big topic among US politicians, especially now that the 2024 elections are inching closer. The US has attempted to dissuade illegal immigration by establishing certain laws and requirements for immigration. One such law requires any migrant who came from South America, to only be eligible for immigration to one of the countries they went through to get to the US.

Cuellar also emphasized the significance of developing strategies to prevent potential immigrants from reaching the border in the first place, rather than solely addressing the situation at the border itself. He said that Mexico’s cooperation has played a role in lessening immigration surges in 2015, under Obama, and in 2019 under Trump’s administration.

Cuellar has long advocated for this approach, urging both Democrats and Republicans to shift their focus from defensive measures near the border to engagement with Mexico to address the issue more effectively.

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