Dem Mayor Proposes Government Owned Grocery Store

( – Those who remember the Cold War may also remember the odd report that made its way into Western media showing empty grocery store shelves in the Soviet Union. As such, one can’t help but wonder what Chicago’s massive Russian and Eastern European immigrant communities are thinking about their mayor’s plan to bring government-owned supermarkets to the city.

On September 13, Brandon Johnson announced a joint effort between the Windy City and a leftist non-profit that will see state-sponsored grocers brought to the area in the name of racial justice. Not long ago, the successor to Lori Lightfoot responded to his city’s car-theft problem by suing manufacturers for not making their vehicles less prone to break-ins.

Many would likely see a correlation between Johnson’s stance on Chicago’s vehicle-theft crisis and his grocery store proposal. Stealing appears to be at the root of both. According to the mayor’s press release, entire sections of his city have been subjected to a mass-exodus of major grocery retailers.

Walmart, for instance, recently announced they were shutting down a number of locations in the city that had become unprofitable because of the high rate of theft. Other well-known retailers have made similar decisions. According to Johnson, the shut-downs have led to a lack of “food-equity.”

The mayor’s office said that black and hispanic residents are disproportionately affected by the store closures and that “racial justice” obligates the city to take action. Food insecurity affects 29% of local hispanics and 37% of black residents, according to Johnson’s office. Those numbers run in contrast to non-minority residents, who are affected at a rate of only 19%.

“Historic disinvestment” has led to an exacerbation of “existing inequities,” Johnson said. Whether for intentional or unintentional reasons, the mayor failed to mention that shoplifting has increased dramatically in the area since he assumed his city’s highest post. Chicago has yet to offer an estimated price for their proposal.

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