De Niro’s Assistant Wins $1.2 Million in Gender Discrimination Case

( – A hefty $1.2 million came the way of Robert De Niro’s ex-assistant, courtesy of a jury. They fingered one of De Niro’s ventures for creating a hostile job scene for Graham Chase Robinson. The jury didn’t pin personal blame on De Niro. Still, they blamed Canal Productions, his company, for gender bias and retribution against Robinson.

Robinson, 41, from the post-jury exit, embraced her legal team. Outside, a mixed bag of emotions flickered across her face; words remained elusive.

Legal teams on both sides claimed triumph. Brent Hannafan, Robinson’s legal honcho, exuded joy, labeling the verdict as a supreme delight. Richard Schoenstein, De Niro’s legal muscle, boasted of a stellar win for the man himself. In his words, absolution for De Niro, with only a meager penalty for the company.

As the dust settled, Robinson unfolded a tale of De Niro and his flame, Tiffany Chen, ganging up to morph her dream job into a nightmare. De Niro and Chen countered, asserting Robinson’s vaulting ambitions clashed with her role at Canal Productions, stoking her escalating demands.

Emails were shown in court depicting Chen hinting at Robinson’s “imaginary intimacy” with De Niro. Robinson denied romantic inclinations.

On the second day on the stand, De Niro discussed jacking Robinson’s pay to $300,000 and upgrading her title, despite unchanged responsibilities.

Robinson’s exit from her job allegedly involved snatching $85,000 in air miles, a breach of trust, violating unwritten rules, as De Niro tells it.

Acknowledging some of Robinson’s claims, De Niro denied the abusive tag, yelling a courtroom jab, “Shame on you, Chase Robinson!”

Disputes arose over 5 million air miles disappearing. De Niro conceded to approving 2 million miles. Pre-lawsuit, De Niro’s legal hounds sought $6 million, including the 5 million miles. The jury slapped it away.

Robinson’s said her resignation was a saga of mental distress, anxiety, and joblessness. She claimed her life was lost, her career crushed, and her independence obliterated.

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