Dana White Shuts Down Reporter Pressing Him Over UFC Fighter’s ‘Transphobia’

(ConservativeJournal.org) – UFC boss Dana White took offense at a reporter asking him about how “a long leash” he has on his fighters when it comes to their free speech rights during a post-fight conference at UFC 297 on January 20st.

The reporter suggested White gave his fighters a lot of leeway in what they’re allowed to say during UFC events and post-fight press conferences. He added that some of the fighters were entering the territories of “homophobia, transphobia” before being interrupted by White who rejected the premise of the question.

White said he didn’t have anyone on a leash, and suggested the metric is “free speech,” while adding he had no desire to regulate the speech or beliefs of his fighters. He then asked bluntly what the question was. The reporter replied that he would move on from that question to which White quipped that was “probably a good idea.”

White continued and said that the suggestion he had leashes on any of his fighters was “ridiculous.” He further suggested contenders at the UFC were welcome regardless of their personal beliefs.

White said that there were two gay women sitting next to Strickland when he made the reportedly “homophobic” comments and they didn’t care about Strickland’s personal feelings regarding homosexuality.

Strickland became the subject of controversy after he made reportedly “homophobic” comments when asked by a reporter about a years-old social media post that was similarly characterized. Strickland asked the reporter if he would be upset if he had a gay son who wouldn’t be able to give him grandchildren, to which the reporter replied he wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Strickland responded by suggesting he was a “weak f***ing man” and suggested his perspective was a part of the problem. He added that men like him elected Justin Trudeau and then added that Trudeau seized bank accounts of those who protested lockdowns. Strickland was obviously offended by the question and suggested the man lacked backbone and said his question was stupid before telling the reporter to move on and to “go f*** yourself.”
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