Confirming Your Voter Registration Status Ahead of 2024

( – Are you registered to vote? Have you moved since the last time? Do you know what you need to bring with you the day of? Fret not dear reader, we have all your voting questions answered below!

You can check your eligibility here, and first timers or folks who moved or otherwise need to register can go here to find instructions based on your particular location. Certain states allow you to register online. Voting is based on local laws, so where you live matters. If you moved out of state or even to a new district within a state, you might have to update your registration.

Did you move close to an election date? No problem. Check with your local authorities on how best to proceed, typically you vote in your previous district, but some states have different protocols.

It helps if you plan to vote in advance. Make sure you have time off from work if you need it, and do your due diligence: read up on candidates and referendums on the ballot in your area before you go in to vote.

Do you need to bring your ID? Voter ID is a contentious issue, but laws regarding it vary from state to state. Make sure you have it with you if it’s required or you may be turned away at the polling station.

Can’t make it to the polls that day? No problem! Get yourself an absentee ballot. These typically have to be requested, received, filled out, and returned by specific dates in advance of the actual voting day, so make sure you’re aware of all the requirements so that your vote is properly counted.

Another consideration is staying in line after the polls close. If they close the polls while you’re in line, stay in line to vote. Poll workers will ensure that everyone in line at the time the station officially closed will have the opportunity to vote.

If you make a mistake on your ballot, request a new one. It’s better to waste a ballot with an error than to disqualify yourself for inappropriately marking it or submitting it with errors.

You can also ask for a paper ballot if there is a problem with the machines.

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